Baselight 4.3

Usability, Functionality and Performance

Baselight 4.3 will provide a radical leap in ergonomics and efficiency with the new user interface and Blackboard 2 control surface. Additionally, powerful performance tools boost throughput across the whole Baselight range.

For more information, you can download the Baselight 4.3 Product Information Sheet.

Baselight 4.3 features the ability to use a 3-head user interface display

New 3D Stereoscopic Grading Features

Major improvements and additions to Baselight's 3D Stereoscopic tools and timeline workflow simplify and speed up this complex aspect of colour grading whilst also making the creative process far more interactive.

A new timesaving automatic geometry corrector provides instant, one-click correction of typical alignment errors including rotation, zoom and perspective.

Baselight 4.3 simplifies the timeline in 3D projects by presenting both left and right eyes as a single stereo 3D track. When working in 3D, all grades and other operations are now automatically applied to both eyes even though they are shown in the timeline as single layers. In addition, all copy and paste operations now work across both eyes. If you need to treat the eyes separately then the track can be split at the touch of a button to reveal the individual left and right channels.

This release also features quick and intuitive depth grading functionality, which includes:

  • Simple convergence adjustment
  • Angled floating windows
  • Once-click specification of screen-plane features
  • Horizontal offset screen pick, showing the horizontal pixel offset between the left and right tracks for any image feature

Multiple UI Monitors

Direct access to multiple Galleries along with Gallery notes and metadata, plus the new thumbnail 'drag-n-drop' feature allow you to quickly and easily find and copy the shots and grades you need, without having to open multiple scenes or timelines..

Improved Gallery

The gallery has been expanded and can be displayed on a separate monitor, allowing easy drag and drop of grades directly to the timeline. Notes and labels make gallery organisation simplicity itself.

Background Rendering

Making use of the power of the Baselight system during pauses, 4.3 will silently render the current shots to cache, making it possible to playback immediately and saving render time.


Baselight 4.3's Cache Strip radically speeds up throughput for time-intensive operations such as temporal degrains. Cache Strip also improves performance when working with Bayer-pattern sources ensuring that images are only converted once.

Matte Tools

New Matte Tools simplify matte generation and manipulation. Mapped into the Blackboard for optimal functionality, Matte Tools provides generation tools, filters and matte grades all in one easy operation.

Strip Categories

Any strip within a Baselight grade can now be tagged with one or more categories to enable selective viewing, bypass or rendering

Object Tracker

Baselight's automatic multi-point object tracking system has been enhanced with the addition of an area-based tracker. You can now define an area in the image rather than individual points and the system will accurately track the translation, rotation and scale of the object.

Modify XML

4.3 delivers powerful new functionality to Apple's Final Cut Pro XML integration by automatically supporting multiple uniquely graded shots from the same media. Consolidating source media is no longer required as explicit handles can be added within Baselight, drastically reducing media size and rendering time.

Baselight 4.3 pushes the creative boundaries and resets expectations for high-end colour grading.

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