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Andrew Exworth

Freelance Colourist
Based in Toronto, available worldwide

Phone 1(416)419-5870
Email [email protected]

Andrew Exworth has been delighting clients with his unique style and artistry, showcasing his flair at some of the most prominent post production houses in Toronto and Montreal. Working in commercials, music videos and longform has gained him experience on FilmLight's 'Baselight', the Quantel IQ with Neo Panel and Autodesk's 'Lustre'. As of lately, this true Renaissance Man has been on the leading edge of 3D technology, mastering the first theatrical 3D spots in Canada.

Diverse and accomplished, he can also work his magic on the DaVinci 2K Linear Corrector, Spirit, DSX, Millennium and the Ursa Diamond/Gold Film Telecines. His incomparable talent and ease with clients has brought him success with numerous campaigns including Honda, Molson Canadian, Tim Horton's, KFC and, notably, CSC Award winner, Blockbuster's 'Holiday Dinner'.

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