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Drake Conrad

Colorist|DI Supervisor
Toronto, available worldwide

Phone +1 416 792 8314
Mobile +1 416 627 5465
Email [email protected]

My main areas of expertise are Baselight and Truelight, having worked almost exclusively with these products since their release in 2004 (literally starting at version 1.0). Most of my experience is in long format.

I have 15 years DI experience, not only as a colorist, but as a DI Supervisor and technician. I am fully trained in managing color space conversions, display calibration, and controlling the transition from the digital world to the final deliverables. This includes keeping the lab in control for film printing, creating accurate HD masters, managing DCP deliverables, and incorporating the various formats of 3D. I embrace the new challenges presented by digital media as it rapidly integrates into the film workflow (or should I say overtakes it), and I have been committed to making contributions to this process to insure we keep the highest quality images up on the big screen.

Credit list and CV available upon request; please email [email protected].

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