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Michael Healey

Freelance Colourist
Valencia CA, available worldwide

Phone (818) 519-2942
Email [email protected]

I have been a Telecine/Digital colorist for the past 21 years with extensive knowledge in this field. I come from a very strong film, digital, digital intermediate color correction and post production background. I am experienced and armed with the knowledge and understanding of my craft and what it requires on a daily basis.

With my extensive background in post production, visual effects, image restoration, broadcast television, feature film, theatrical trailers, commercials, creative editorial, digital asset management, archiving, scanning, recording, image processing, color grading software/hardware, storage solutions and networking experiences, I feel that I would be a valuable asset to your company.

Known in the industry as honest, fair and trustworthy, the measure of my experience and strong relationships is proven by my outstanding reputation with my clients, post supervisors and peers. I pride myself upon manifesting daily, the core values of sound judgment, attention to detail at every level, and a solid commitment to excellence.

For more information, see CV_Michael_Healey.pdf.

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