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Timur Yessenov

Freelance Colourist
Based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, available worldwide

Phone +7 701 723 1281
Email [email protected]
Skype synth1980

I am a Freelance Colourist with five years of experience, and also a finishing artist with deep experience in compositing.

As a colourist I have worked on Baselight and DaVinci Resolve, while as finishing artist I prefer Autodesk Flame. I primarily grade commercials, TV spots and short films with DP or without (technical grade, restoration). As a DI Mastering Specialist I also can perform restoration of film (degrain, scratch removal, stabilising, etc.). I can work with any material and conform from all editing systems.

Some of my jobs (selected by the studio) can be viewed on the web site:

I can work remotely and speak English and Russian.

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