Truelight Theatre Certification

The Truelight Theatre Certification program has now been discontinued. We'd like to thank the customers listed here for taking part.


Certified customers

Customer Location
Alter Ego Toronto
Animal Logic Sydney
Bolivar Films Caracas
Cine Plus Berlin
Cinemateka Moscow
Clearwater Pictures Johannesburg
Color by Dejonghe Belgium
Cutting Edge Sydney
Digiquest Hyderabad
Encore Hollywood Los Angeles
Evasion Digital Madrid
Film Lab Mumbai
Filmmore Amsterdam | Brussels
Frame by Frame Rome
Frame Set and Match Sydney
Galaxy Studios Mol, Belgium
Graal Athens
Image Engine Vancouver
Ladies & Gentlemen Johannesburg
Lit Post Los Angeles
Men From Mars London
Molinare London
Ollin Studio Mexico City
Optical Art Hamburg
Origo Film Group Budapest
Pixion Century Communication Ltd Mumbai
PostFactory GmbH Berlin
Quality Cine Labs Mumbai
UTV Post Mumbai
Vision Global|Citelab Montreal

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