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Your FilmLight system is a high-performance, quality product designed by people who come from the post-production industry. It has all the tools you need to meet the challenges that you will encounter, and it works in a quick and logical way that will allow you to get the job done on time and exceed your client's creative and technical expectations. Knowing what these tools are, where to find them and how best to use them ensures that you get the most out of your new system.

We offer bespoke training from an introductory level to more advanced operation for all of our products. Specialist in-house staff as well as FilmLight accredited freelancers provide one-to-one and ‘train-the-trainer’ tuition courses based on your particular requirements, which are discussed and agreed with you in advance.

We recommend training in situ at your own facility as this is where you will be using your FilmLight equipment. Not only can we ensure that you have a sound grasp of your new system but we can also cover specialist in-house workflows that you will be expected to deal with and also work alongside you, for example, to implement Truelight Colour Management across your organisation.

Our London and Los Angeles offices have dedicated colour grading suites and Northlight film scanners that can also be booked for one-to-one tuition. Both offices also have Colour Management specialists available for in depth Truelight training. This is a particularly useful resource for freelancers seeking to train on FilmLight systems.

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We can organise anything from one-on-one or small group training, to demonstrations for larger groups, or even guest lectures on key industry topics.

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