Baselight LOOK 6.0

Baselight LOOK is a Mac-only version of the powerful Baselight software which has been developed as a key tool used within our Baselight Learning Programme.

Baselight LOOK 6.0 is now available, giving you access to core Baselight 6.0 features, including X Grade, improved Curve Grade and Hue Angle, Lens Flare and Bokeh effects, enhanced timeline and much more.

The software is able to export BLG files, allowing new and professional users to create and develop looks which seamlessly slot into new or existing commercial production pipelines.

It will run on any recent Apple Mac hardware platform and includes native support for the M1 processor. Many popular SDI output devices are also supported, enabling video monitoring via professional SDR and HDR monitors.

It includes virtually all the features and functions of a full turnkey Baselight system, however as it is primarily intended as a learning tool, there some restrictions. See the Baselight LOOK datasheet for a full list of specifications, requirements and restrictions.

System Requirements


  • 6 month ‘auto-renewing’ licence (simply make sure your computer is connected to the internet and the licence will automatically renew after 6 months).
  • Only available for the macOS operating system.
  • Licence only available to registered users – the software is not freely distributable.
  • Blackboard control panels are not supported.
  • Rendering out is limited to h.264* and JPEG formats.
  • Cannot access or import full Baselight scenes (and vice-versa).
  • Baselight LOOK uses a different database structure for jobs and scenes, so you cannot share projects between Baselight LOOK and full Baselight.
  • Exported BLG files only contain static ‘look’ data (ie. they have no time-based information and cannot be used to recreate a graded timeline).
  • Chromogen looks can be used, but not authored or edited.
  • Operators that use Flexi effects, such as Face Track, are not supported in Baselight LOOK.
  • No consolidate functionality.

Minimum system platform

  • Mac computer running macOS 12 Monterey
  • 16GB RAM
  • Internal SSD for caching

Recommended system

  • macOS 14 Sonoma
  • Mac Studio (M1 Max)
  • 64GB memory
  • SDI output device
  • High-performance SSD/RAID for caching and media playback

* h.264 long-GOP QuickTime/MP4 only

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