Baselight Editions v5

Premier colour correction directly within your workflow

Baselight Editions v5 is now available for Avid, NUKE and Flame

If you purchased Baselight Editions for Avid or NUKE on or after 01 January 2018, you are eligible for a free upgrade. If you purchased Baselight Editions prior to this date, you are eligible for the upgrade price.

In both cases, click the Upgrade to v5 button and enter your serial number to verify that you are eligible for the upgrade.

BLG for Flame is available as a low-priced annual subscription that is typically added to the normal Baselight support contract, though there is also an option for Flame houses that work in partnership with Baselight facilities. To enquire about BLG for Flame or to make a purchase, contact your local Sales Representative.


Not all facilities require the power and functionality of a full Baselight system, however most people strive to create the highest quality images using the best tools for the job.

Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as the full Baselight systems, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package which can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. This approach delivers FilmLight's high quality grading tools and Truelight colour management directly into your workstation, and as the Editions share the same data structures as the full Baselight systems, projects can be seamlessly transferred and shared between users and facilities.

Baselight Editions allow you to view – or to render – grades passed between departments – completely free. It's the perfect solution for collaboration with colleagues or facilities that don't have Baselight, or that don't need complete creative control of the look.

If you find that you need to edit grades (within Avid or NUKE only) you can easily switch to a full licence, which can be purchased directly from the software or from the web store.

The Baselight Editions range includes:

Use the links below to buy or try Baselight Editions v5 for Avid or NUKE, or visit our Web Store for more information.

To enquire about BLG for Flame or to make a purchase, contact your local Sales Representative.

Buy Now

Buy Now allows you to purchase full, permanent licences – either node-locked or floating.

30-Day Trial gives you access to a fully functioning, node-locked product for 30 days.

Free Licence allows Baselight Editions to be used for free, so you can pass grades to other facilities where they can be accurately read and rendered – without purchasing a licence.

Upgrade to v5 prompts you to enter your current serial number to verify whether you are eligible for a free or discounted upgrade.

See the Store FAQs for more information on all of these options.

Baselight Editions is also available at special pricing for academic institutions.


If you need to download the Baselight Editions installer again, or you are looking for the latest version, you can find it on the Baselight Editions Downloads page.

If you have a specific question, email it to [email protected].

Powered By V5

V5 brings a new level in colour and creativity – from the very start of a production right to the very end. The innovative Baselight v5 colour tools have been extended across the entire FilmLight product range – from Baselight to Baselight Editions, Daylight and Prelight ON-SET.

This means you can access the Base Grade – a new primary grading operator for modern colour workflows and HDR – as well as other tools such as Gamut Compression, Boost Contrast and Texture Equaliser. You also get the improved Layer View for easy stack visualisation and selection. Note that the VFX capabilities of v5, such as Paint and Grid Warp, are not available in Baselight Editions.

For more information, see the Baselight v5 datasheet.


Unlimited Layers of Colour

Baselight can be applied to any or all clips in your timeline allowing you to add multiple grading layers to each shot. There is no limit to the number of layers you can ‘stack’ allowing you to build up complex corrections to obtain the exact look you require.

Familiar, Intuitive Controls

Baselight Editions for Avid and NUKE operates in its own window and provides a user interface with exactly the same look and feel as full Baselight systems. If you’re not already familiar with Baselight, you’ll find the intuitive and friendly interface quick to learn and a pleasure to work with.

On these platforms, Baselight Editions also supports the Slate control panel, along with the Avid Artist Color and the Tangent Element and Wave panels, for more precise, hands-on control.

As BLG for Flame is designed to streamline how the Baselight grade arrives in Flame, the product simply provides an intuitive interface to link to a Baselight scene or directory of BLG grade files.

Unrivalled Colour Management

Truelight Colour Spaces allow colour space conversions to be performed with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range permitted by native floating-point GPU functionality. They have a powerful function set that allows complex transforms formerly only possible with 3D LUT mechanisms.

You can find out more about Truelight Colour Spaces and how they support an ACES workflow on our Colour Management page, in our Feature Tutorial, or read our Workflow Guide.

Instant grade recall with Scratchpad
(Avid and NUKE only)

The Scratchpad is designed for fast and simple saving and retrieval of looks (or grade stacks). Grab versions of stacks, cycle through Scratchpad slots, compare two versions or show all versions for a quick, at-a-glance view of the Scratchpad contents.

Flexible Licences for Freelancers

We’ve created new licencing options especially for freelancers, so you can easily move a licence to a new system when a job finishes. When you activate Baselight Editions, you’ll have the chance to choose a duration. The smallest duration is one day and there is no limit to the number of times that the licence can be activated.

One Licence, Multiple Editions

If you want access to the power of Baselight within a host of different applications, there is no need to buy multiple licences.

So long as the applications are installed on the same system, purchase one licence in the Baselight Editions range and you get access to both NUKE and Avid Editions on that machine.

…and many more features.

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