Support policy

We are proud of our reputation for excellent customer support and we enjoy long-lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, we think it is the main reason why FilmLight has been so successful and continues to grow and innovate faster than its competitors. If you are thinking of buying a FilmLight system we encourage you to talk to our existing users, who will confirm just how committed we stay long after the sale and for the whole operational lifecycle—take a look at our Customer List and ask us to put you in touch.

There are three phases where we prove our value:

  • Firstly, we get your system up and running quickly and train your people to be fast and efficient, so that your system is earning its maximum.
  • Secondly, we ensure that your system remains highly available during its warranty period by quickly resolving any issues, and maintaining and enhancing your software.
  • Finally, we offer to maintain your equipment after warranty by providing a range of support packages to suit your budget and in-house expertise.

Installation and training

When you buy a FilmLight product, your proposal includes options for installation and training. First-time buyers find this invaluable as it involves a site visit where our engineers advise on issues that go far beyond the operation of our products. We have extensive workflow knowledge and we always try to ensure that you get the most efficient usage from your purchase.

Almost all of our customers purchase again from us after their first system. If you are too busy to train your own people we can step in and train users here at FilmLight. In parallel to this we continue to train freelance operators who provide an increasing talent pool for all of our customers when they need help.

Warranty and operational advice

We know that the first year after delivery is critical to our ongoing relationship with our customers. For that reason our warranty policy is prompt and generous and designed to ensure maximum availability with the minimum of hassle.

During this period, you receive software updates and defective hardware replacements free of charge, and we endeavour to resolve any system issues that arise via the remote log-in.

Particularly in the early days, we find that clients appreciate how-to help via phone or email. Often a new project creates new workflow or creative challenges. Our support team is available to help you directly in your region and our support time zones ensure that you can always reach someone even at unusual hours—and we are never more than a flight away if you need on-site help.

Keeping up-to-date

You will have noticed that FilmLight systems are hardly ever available on the used equipment market. This is because most of our customers prefer to keep their system value high and stay as productive as possible to maintain their value over a long service life.

Once the warranty period is over, we offer a range of service contract options. These are designed to fit an array of different requirements—not everyone requires the same response time, or has the same level of in-house engineering, or wants to add new performance features to every system. See the support packages described in this section for more information.

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