Support policy

FilmLight only does premium support.

We are proud of our reputation for unrivalled expertise and excellent support, and we know it contributes to our long-lasting relationships with our customers. It is the one of the main reasons why FilmLight has been so successful and continues to grow and innovate. If you are considering investing in a FilmLight system we encourage you to talk to our existing users, who will confirm just committed we remain long after the sale and for the whole operational lifecycle – take a look at our Customer List and ask us to put you in touch.

There are four phases where we add value:

  • Firstly, we get your system up and running quickly, including seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, so that your investment is earning its maximum from the start.
  • Secondly, we ensure that your system remains highly available by quickly resolving any issues, and maintaining and enhancing your software.
  • Thirdly, we remain available 24/7 to support every member of your team at each step of the way, whether it’s a question about installation, workflow, or the creative application of our software.
  • Finally, we tailor training to ensure that your technical and creative teams are highly productive as quickly as possible.

Bespoke installation and training

FilmLight’s installation and training is renowned in the industry. Our customers find this support invaluable. When you invest in a FilmLight system, we offer a range of options including site visits, in-person or online training, expert workflow consultancy – all tailored to ensure that you get the most efficient usage from your investment.

We’re proud that many of our customers stay with us for the long haul. Throughout your relationship with us, we can help to keep your staff up-to-date with the latest advances in the industry. If you are too busy to train new people we can step in and train them here at FilmLight. We also have an open door policy for freelance operators looking to convert to Baselight, ensuring an increasing talent pool for all of our customers when they need more hands on deck.

Continuing the relationship

We know that the first year after delivery is critical to our ongoing relationship with our customers. But regardless of whether you’ve been with us for one year or twenty, we respond to issues and questions promptly and expertly.

With full FilmLight support, you receive software updates and defective hardware replacements. Often a new project or technology creates new workflow or creative challenges too, and our workflow experts and colour scientists are a vital part of the team. With worldwide regional offices, our support team is available to help you directly in your region and our support time zones ensure that you can always reach someone even at unusual hours – plus we are never more than a flight away if you need on-site help.


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