Latest downloads

To download upgrades and new releases, visit the support area for your product.

If you are looking for the latest version of the Baselight LOOK installer, you can find it on the Baselight LOOK Downloads page – if you do not yet have a Baselight LOOK licence, please visit the Web Store to obtain one.

Product Current release
Baselight 6.0 6.0.20515
    Flexi Effects 1.0.19745
    Sapphire for Baselight 2024.020-19864
Baselight 5.3 5.3.20353
Baselight for Avid 5.3.19406
Baselight for NUKE 5.3.19322
BLG for Flame 5.3.17453
Daylight 6.0 6.0.20381
Daylight 5.3 5.3.20352
Daylight 5.2 5.2.14021
FLIP 4.4.7963
Prelight/Prelight ON-SET 5.1.10516
Truelight 4.0.7863
Northlight 2.0.4789

Note: The Northlight and Baselight areas are password-protected. If you are a current FilmLight customer, contact your sales representative or the Product Support Team to get a username and password.

Obtaining technical assistance

If you require technical assistance, read the product documentation first.

If this does not answer your questions, please email the appropriate Product Support Team.

We aim to respond to technical queries within 48 hours. For urgent technical assistance, get in touch with your local contact.

Licence support

If a new or emergency licence is required, customers should use the following e-mail address:

[email protected]

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