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Love, Death + Robots (Volume 2)

Love, Death + Robots is a five-time Emmy-winning animation anthology series produced by Blur Studio.

Launched in March of 2019 on Netflix, Love, Death + Robots delivers a variety of styles and stories, spanning the genres of science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror and more. Created by Tim Miller with David Fincher as executive producer, the series brings together a global team of directors and animation studios to push and expand the medium.

Now the show is back with a premiere for season 2 on May 14. Senior Colourist Doug Delaney at Picture Shop is behind the look and feel of both seasons.

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What brought you onto this project?

I had worked with Blur on season 1 and really enjoyed working with them. And I think they appreciated what I brought to the project in terms of my technical background, as well as creative input vis-à-vis finishing the various animation pieces and integrating the HDR choices we made.

The next installments are being called volume 2 and volume 3.

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“Each episode had a different approach for sure, and really depended on what we all thought the episode required in terms of refining the finish.”



Love, Death + Robots Case Study (PDF)


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