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Creating The Gentlemen

The 2024 Netflix series, The Gentlemen, was created by Guy Ritchie as a spin-off to his 2019 film of the same name. The show features Theo James as Eddie Horniman, an Army officer who inherits his family's estate and discovers it houses a large-scale cannabis operation. This unexpected inheritance plunges him into the world of organised crime and complex family dynamics​.

The series, which was produced by Moonage Pictures, was led by director Guy Ritchie (episodes 1-2) and DoP Ed Wild, BSC (episodes 1-2). Episodes 3-4 were shot by DoP Bjorn Charpentier and episodes 5-8 by DoP Callan Green. The colour for the series was completed on Baselight by Company 3 colourists Jean-Clément Soret (episodes 1-3) and Matthieu Toullet (episodes 4-8).

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“The joy of a Guy Richie project is that every single department is on point making the same film and they all feel empowered to be bold in their choices and push their craft.”

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