Colour: Sense & Measurement

Colour: Sense & Measurement has been written by FilmLight’s Dr Richard Kirk, who has worked continuously on colour and imaging technology since 1985.

Over the last two decades, colour grading tools have moved a long way beyond the original lift, gamma, gain controls of the telecine and the printer lights of the film lab.

At FilmLight, we believe that developing new tools goes hand in hand with a better understanding of how we sense and measure colour. And we want to share what we have learnt on this journey with the people who use our tools.

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About the author

Dr Richard Kirk developed a colour calibration system for proofing colour pages on film recorders in 1985. Since then he has worked continuously on colour and imaging technology: with Crosfield Electronics for the printing industry; with Canon for colour photocopiers and desktop devices for Canon; with Framestore-CFC for film post-production; and finally for FilmLight, where he developed the Truelight colour calibration system, the standard for film previewing and visualization. He holds over 30 patents on colour and imaging techniques, and an AMPAS Scientific and Technical Award for the Truelight system.

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Colour: Sense & Measurement
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