Baselight for Avid

Baselight for Avid v5 - Part 1 Baselight for Avid v5 - Part 1
A look at the new features in Baselight for Avid v5, including workspaces, new navigation tools, advanced copy-paste modes, extended scratchpad functions and client monitor playback caching.
Baselight for Avid v5 - Part 2 Baselight for Avid v5 - Part 2
A quick overview of some of the new grading tools and operators including Base Grade and the DeNoise filter, scene-based Truelight 'Looks' and new colour spaces that enable working in high dynamic range.
NAB 2015: Chainsaw Present… NAB 2015: Chainsaw Present… Advanced Colour Correction with Media Composer and Baselight for Avid
Los Angeles-based post-production powerhouse, Chainsaw, delivers some of the biggest shows in prime time (Game of Thrones, The Amazing Race, American Idol). Watch Chainsaw Editor Randy Magalski and Colourist Andy Lichtstein, as they provide a deep-dive on their “live and interactive” Media Composer/Baselight BLG renderless workflow for Discovery Channel’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier.”
Baselight for Avid - New Features New Features in Baselight for Avid 4.4
This tutorial demonstrates the latest features of Baselight for Avid, including the read/write Baselight Lens and enhancements to timeline navigation. The latest version also adds new functionality to speed up grading across lots of different scenes, by allowing you to apply base grades and then quickly subdivide and customise that grade for individual shots.
Baselight for Avid - Colour Workflows Colour Workflows
Find out about renderless workflows using Avid AAF files, or BLG files with the Baselight Lens.
Baselight for Avid - Installation & Activation Installation & Activation
Find out how to install Baselight for Avid and activate your product licence.
Baselight for Avid - Walkthrough & Examples (1) Walkthrough & Examples (1)
This tutorial gives a general walkthrough of Baselight for Avid and shows how to use the application in a variety of situations.
Baselight for Avid - Exchanging Grades via AAF Exchanging Grades via AAF
Baselight for Avid makes it simple to export a graded sequence from Avid, work on it in a full Baselight system, and then re-export it to Avid. Watch this tutorial to find out how.
Baselight for Avid - Overview (Part 1) Overview (Part 1)
This tutorial shows you how to add Baselight to a clip in your Avid timeline, and add a new layer to adjust the overall look of the image using grades and effects.
Baselight for Avid - Overview (Part 2) Overview (Part 2)
Find out how to use secondary grades in Baselight to restrict the effects of a layer to specific parts of the image.
Baselight for Avid - Working with Layer Mattes (Part 1) Working with Layer Mattes (Part 1)
In part 1 of this tutorial, find out how to add a matte to your grading stack using the Matte RGB keyer. It also explains how to add a garbage matte to isolate the areas that the keyer affects, and how to animate the matte using keyframes.
Baselight for Avid - Working with Layer Mattes (Part 2) Working with Layer Mattes (Part 2)
Part 2 explains how to use shapes and different keyers, such as the DKey and Hue Angle keyers, to create more complex mattes, and how to merge mattes to make sure they affect specific areas of your image.
Baselight for Avid - Keyframes & Trackers (Part 1) Keyframes & Trackers (Part 1)
This tutorial shows, in detail, how easy it is to use keyframes and trackers in Baselight, even when an object rotates and/or changes shape during a shot.
Baselight for Avid - Keyframes & Trackers (Part 2) Keyframes & Trackers (Part 2)
Part 2 explains how to use trackers to stabilise an image, as well as showing a few more functions of keyframes.
Baselight for Avid - Keyframes & Trackers (Part 3) Keyframes & Trackers (Part 3)
The final part of this tutorial shows you how to create a dynamic grade using keyframes.


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