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Colour Online: Store, Render, Automate with FilmLight

This webinar dives into the latest hardware and software solutions that FilmLight offers to expand the storage, render, automation and productivity strategies in post.

We introduce Baselight RENDER and FilmLight API, and showcase how they can integrate with your existing workflow. Along with FLUX Store, these advanced solutions enable you to increase bandwidth, reliability and collaboration for your colour grading pipeline, while reducing costs.

En français: Colour Online: FilmLight API

Dans cette vidéo, Thomas Eberschveiler présente la section du webinar « Store, Render, Automate » sur le FilmLight API en français.


Colour Online: Managing Complex Timelines in Baselight

In this webinar, we demonstrate how Baselight's rich tool-set supports dynamic post-production workflows. We show you how to manage multiple cuts, constant streams of VFX updates, and complex projects - both large and small - efficiently and with a streamlined approach, so that more time can be devoted to the creative process.

We cover tools and methods aimed at speeding the process for time-pressed colourists and their team, including: using categories, automated handling of shot updates, filtering and sorting the timeline for colour and conform, managing shot metadata, auto-matching of grades between timelines and tracking changes, as well as a preview of new tools coming in Baselight 5.3.


Colour Online: New and Improved Features in Baselight 5.3

This webinar showcased new features coming in Baselight 5.3. After our first webinar, which focussed on the colour management updates in 5.3, Daniele and Andy dive into several different topics.

Baselight 5.3 introduces the new Lens Correction tool, which can add or remove image distortion based on analysis or lens presets. Additionally, you will learn about improvements in tracking, conforming, shapes and many more enhancements. We will also share news about Daylight and more information about our new product, Baselight RENDER.


Colour Online: Iniciación a BASELIGHT, seguido de Q&A

Únase al colorista Raúl Lavado Verdu para una introducción a la corrección de color en Baselight, VFX y la solución de acabado de FilmLight.

Este webinar en vivo de una hora cubre los fundamentos básicos de la corrección de color, Etalonaje, gestion y administracion de color en Baselight.

  • Creación de proyectos en Baselight
  • Introducción a la interfaz de usuario y espacios de trabajo
  • Importación de medios y navegación de escena
  • Introducción a la gestión del espacio de color
  • Baselight más populares Baselight herramientas
  • Panel de Render

Durante esta sesión educativa, Raúl guiará a los coloristas utilizando Baselight STUDENT, la aplicación macOS de FilmLight desarrollada con fines de capacitación y entrenamiento.


Colour Management in Baselight 5.3 followed by Q&A

With FilmLight’s Daniele Siragusano (Image Engineer) & Andy Minuth (Colourist)

Our first webinar dove into the new and enhanced colour management tools coming soon in Baselight 5.3.

What’s new?


  • T-CAM is FilmLight’s well-regarded colour appearance model, which provides the ultimate flexibility to convert images to any viewing condition – both SDR and HDR.
    T-CAM v2 improves appearance matching between viewing conditions, and also includes better shadow details, more saturated shadows and pale skin tones, with less noise in underexposed images.


  • See new native support for Truelight Colour Spaces and T-CAM within Autodesk Flame and OCIO (OpenColorIO) compatible applications.


  • Learn about new Scene Looks, designed to work seamlessly with TCAM v2 as well as providing even more classic looks such as Bleach Bypass, ENR and Autochrome.

… and many more exciting improvements for LUTs, ACES and HDR.


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