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Bolívar Films, Caracas

Based in Venezuela, Bolívar Films is a cinematographic company with more than 60 years of experience in production and post-production for commercials, documentaries, short films, feature films, audiovisuals and TV programs.

An excellent and highly qualified team as well as up-to-date technology, allows Bolívar to excel in each and all projects and compete in the most demanding markets.

Bolívar Films offers the required service through any of its Divisions:

  • BF-Pro®: Production for TV commercials, documentaries, short films, feature films, audiovisuals, movie and TV programs, location searching, casting, permissions and equipment renting, among other services.
  • BF-Lab®: Developing and copying of all formats — 35mm, Super 35mm, 16mm and Super 16mm.
  • BF-Efx®: All post-production services and digital video to film, film to video transference, and DI.
  • BF-Son®: Audio and sound services with Digital Dolby, and Pro Tools 5.1.

Bolívar Films offers a one stop post-production service, with a professional and creative team, always willing to help with questions regarding costs, timetables, technical stuff, creative concepts, design of effects, quality and final results.

Some Bolívar productions include:

Films Commercials and shorts
Señor Presidente Televen
La Porfia de Santa Ines Guatopo
Mas Alla de la Cumbre Empresas Polar
Por Un Polvo
La Clase

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Bolivar Films


Bolívar Films Building,
Luis G. Villegas Blanco Avenue,
Santa Eduvigis,
t: +58.212.2838455
f: +58.212.2841011
e: [email protected]

Jorge H. Jacko
Lab and special effects Manager
e: [email protected]

Jorge Adam Jacko
DI Operator
e: [email protected]

Luis Guillermo Villegas S.
General Manager
e: [email protected]

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