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Focus-Fox Studio, Budapest

Focus-Fox Studio was established in 1994 and for many years it was the only advanced digital studio in Hungary. In accordance with the global evolution of picture post production, the company has been using the most up-to-date equipment for video and film post.

In 2001, Focus-Fox signed a contract with Kodak Ltd to run Kodak Cinelabs Hungary at its headquarters. This allows Focus-Fox to offer every element needed for modern post-production: film, audio and video with an English-speaking, experienced team.

Focus-Fox has worked with a number of high-profile clients on projects including: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Miramax), John Adams (HBO), Hellboy 2 (Universal), Eragon (20th Century Fox) and many more.

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Focus-Fox has recently installed a Baselight FOUR in its newly-opened Cinemix digital intermediate grading and sound mixing theatre.

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Focus-Fox Studio


1021 Budapest
Huvösvölgyi út 141
t: +36.391.0700
f: +36.391.0791
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