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Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium

For more than 35 years Galaxy Studios has built up its reputation as one of the most innovating film and music studios in Europe, offering music recording, image and audio post-production, authoring, financing and co-production. We are also the home of Auro-3D, one of the most popular immersive sound formats with over 650 cinema installs worldwide.

Galaxy Studios has appeared on the "credits" of more than 200 feature films, documentaries and broadcast projects, including Hampstead, Filth, High‑Rise, Diana, The Rezort, Snow White, BBC’s Parade’s End and The Devil’s Double. We know, like no other, that every project needs it’s own tailored workflow.

Our two Baselight TWO grading theatres, equipped with a Barco DP4k-P projector and Sony BVM-X300 master monitor with simulated daylight enable us to finish each project according to the latest ACES colour pipeline in any theatrical or broadcast format, up to 4K, stereoscopic-3D and High Dynamic Range. We deliver to any DCI, broadcast or archiving format, including DCP, IMF, MXF, ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes 4444 PQ, HDCam-SR, LTO and UHD HDR BD complying with the latest Ultra HD Premium label.

Next to our image post-production facilities, our 330m2 recording studio with both a digital and an analogue control room enables us to record large orchestral scores and our 144 seat dubbing theatre is used for the pre- and final mix of movies in 5.1 and up to Auro-3D 13.1.


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Galaxy Studios


Galaxy Studios
t: +32 (0) 14 31 43 43
e: [email protected]

Kievitstraat 42
2400 Mol, Belgium

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