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Image Forestt Studios (Forestt Studios), Beijing

Service. Passion. Respect

Forestt Studios is a unique film production company that provides professional, uncompromising and dedicated work for picture production and sound production. Forestt Studios occupies 2000 square metres in Qikeshu Innovation Park on the east side of Beijing.

We have experienced, skilful and creative colourists, production mixers and sound supervisors, who have together completed over 70 feature films, as well as cutting edge facilities and state-of-the-art technology. Forestt provides the best quality work and service to your film.

Image Forestt is a full-service picture production company specialising in colour grading for feature films. It is the only Chinese company that has the ability to colour grade 2D 4K and 3D 4K pictures in real-time. Image Forestt provides a digital intermediate service that lets filmmakers work at their own pace and stay in control.

Forestt In Baselight Kompressor, DVS Spycerbox, Avid MC, FCP, AJA IO XT
Forestt Out Tvlogic TDM-473W(3D), DVS Clipster, Sony HDCAM, Sony HDCAM-SR, Panasonic D5, LTO5
Forestt HD Dolby PRM4200, Baselight ONE, 5.1ch
Forestt 2K Christie CP2210, Baselight TWO, 5.1ch, XpanD
Forestt 4K Christie CP4220, Baselight EIGHT, JVL 5.1ch, Doremi DCP server, XpanD

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Image Forestt Studios

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Image Forestt Studios
t: +86.10.6418.9588
f: +86.10.6418.9550
e: [email protected]

Steven Cui

DI Producer
e: [email protected]

Ethan Park
Chief Colourist/General Manager
e: [email protected]

Qikeshu Innovation Park C9-8,
55 Banjieta Road,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China 100016


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