Baselight 5.3

A new level in colour & creativity

Baselight 5.3 includes many features developed to promote control, creativity, confidence and collaboration. All this, and with Baselight's renowned Customer Support and Training to ensure you're as productive, efficient and creative as possible.

Eligible customers can download the update from the Baselight Support page.

Baselight 6.0: Redefining the possibilities for professional colourists

Find out about the new features in the upcoming Baselight 6.0, including Chromogen look development, X Grade for grading without secondaries, the new look Baselight timeline, and more.

Professional colourists choose Baselight

“I’ve been working on Baselight for nearly ten years now and it is definitely my favourite grading tool. I really like its colour management and its very, very stable performance.”

Aljoscha Hoffmann, CinePostproduction, Munich

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“With Baselight, you can create the exact creative expression that you imagine. And FilmLight gives us more help to maximise the system than other vendors, especially with technical tutorial videos.”

Naotaka Takahashi, L’espace Vision, Tokyo

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“FilmLight is probably one of the companies that follow and help their clients the most, and they have a very important support system. They don’t abandon their clients once the system has been bought. Baselight is my Rolls Royce.”

Yvan Lucas, Los Angeles

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“I love the fact that there are so many ways to achieve a look. I’m always discovering new techniques. And Baselight also gives me the ability to manage colour workflows so specifically, which makes it easier to work seamlessly alongside VFX.”

Nick Dalby, UNIT Studios, London

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“I love that the system is built for professionals. It is clearly created for the best possible performance on high-end projects. And that gives a freedom: everything is possible and there are no limits to what you can achieve.”

Julien von Schultzendorff, nhb studios, Germany

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This release includes many improvements to boost control throughout the grading process, such as Partial Conform and T-CAM v2, with even more new features that keep the system at the cutting edge of creativity, including Lens Distortion and an expanded Look Library. New features to improve confidence and collaboration with other departments are also included, such as improved trackers, wildcards for sequence versioning, improved export facilities, and more.

Export with ease

With an ever-increasing array of file export requirements, we’ve made Baselight’s Export functions even more powerful and efficient.

T-CAM v2

While T-CAM already ensures the best image quality possible, T‑CAM v2 improves appearance matching between viewing conditions, and also includes better shadow definition and improved skin tones, with less noise in underexposed images.

Partial conform

Conform new media to existing shots in the timeline via the Shots View, rather than needing to load an AAF, XML or EDL.

Improved trackers

Baselight is already renowned for its tracking capabilities, but in Baselight 5.3 we’ve made tracking even easier to use and more powerful.

Unrivalled support and training

FilmLight has built up a strong and friendly user community through working closely with customers and other members of our industry for many years. Our renowned customer support offers you not only global follow-the-sun telephone and email contact directly with our product engineers, but also provides project advice, training, installation and expert consultancy services.

We regularly host online training sessions to help you learn more about Baselight and get the most out of your colour grading system. Visit this link to register for the Baselight Online Free Training programme, or watch the full series of videos on the Online Course page.

We also post other video content, such as Tips & Tricks and Online Webinars.

We also run the Baselight Learning Programme, where you can get access to a free 90-day licence for Baselight LOOK, our software-only macOS training application.

Professional control at every stage

Our dedicated hardware grading panels provide support for Baselight, Baselight Editions and Daylight. Conceived for fast, non-linear mastering, their unique and innovative designs provide powerful functions to simplify the creation of complex grades and effects.

Blackboard 2 at MPC Shanghai with Nikola Stefanovic

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