FLUX Manage - Post-Production Pipeline

Now available in Baselight v5

New for Baselight v5 - FLUX Manage replaces the Sequence Browser and standalone FLUX application so you can enjoy its unique and blistering power for browse, multi-insert, copy and delete operations.

For more information, take a look at the Baselight v5 datasheet.

A Changed Business

Digital acquisition has changed the world of post-production. To be effective, the post house has to become an image factory.

Post-production needs its own industrial throughput digital asset system—a system aware of the relationship between image files, sequences and edit lists, capable of tracking the high volume and quick churn of data, and providing the bandwidth for real-time operation.

Sets of Sets

Data management in post-production—above the single shot—is all about sets of data. FLUX Manage lets you build and save common set-based operations graphically to move, copy or delete a precise slice of your data store.

Uniquely Standard

FLUX Manage, when coupled with FilmLight's indexed filesystem as part of FLUX Store or any Baselight system, approaches the problem of asset management in a unique way. It makes use of a standard filesystem but augments it with metadata kept in synchronisation using custom-developed filesystem callbacks. That is to say, FLUX doesn't need the overhead it takes to open a file to find its timecode, ISO setting, or any other metadata within any post-production media.


As a result, you can search large filesystems for matching metadata instantaneously (as in a conform, for example), all without the overhead of traversing the filesystem hierarchy*.


* Accelerated search requires FLUX indexing capability, coming in a subsequent Baselight 5.0 point release.

See What You Have

Somewhere on one of your systems, you know there is a short sequence of frames of R3D material shot at ISO 250 on a RED Dragon from over 6 months back. The fastest way to find it is with an interactive and fluid browser that can simply and quickly build a matching gallery of images with associated metadata, and allow you to flick through them and play the likely suspects.

Difficult Becomes Simple

Error-prone data management tasks that previously relied on in-house scripting tools, or considerable experience with command line shells and languages, become accessible to all.

Commonly, some useful tasks are so onerous that you simply don't do them—and that is before taking into account the risk of disruptive finger trouble. Now, you can save these tasks as a template for others on FLUX Manage's shelf, so even facility staff who would find the query itself intimidating can effectively manage the storage themselves.

To find out more, read the FLUX Manage Datasheet or watch the FLUX Manage Tutorial.

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