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Free Licence Now Available

Find out how to use Baselight Editions in Avid or NUKE to read and render grades for free in our Quick Reference Guide:

Quick Reference

You’ll find manuals for the full versions of Baselight Editions in our Document Library.

One Licence, Multiple Editions

If you want access to the power of Baselight within a host of different applications, there is no need to buy multiple licences. So long as the applications are installed on the same system, purchase one licence in the Baselight Editions range and you get access to both Avid and NUKE Editions on that machine.

BLG for Flame is available as a separate subscription licence.


Baselight for NUKE

Version: 5.2.13589/ 5.2.13816

There are separate installers for NUKE 12 and NUKE 11.

Note there are also separate installers for NUKE 12.0-12.2 on Windows.

Baselight for Avid

Version: 5.2.13741

Requires Media Composer/Symphony 2018.1 or above.

BLG for Flame

Version: 5.2.11914

Requires Flame 2019.1 or later
(Flame 2018.3.1 or later is supported with limited functionality).

NUKE 12    
Mac (NUKE 12)

Linux (NUKE 12)

Windows 12.0 (NUKE 12)

Windows 12.1 (NUKE 12)

Windows 12.2 (NUKE 12)

Mac (Avid)

Windows (Avid)

Linux (Flame)

Version: 5.2.13547

Requires NUKE 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 or 11.3. Note that there are different installers for each version of NUKE on Windows.

Mac (NUKE 11.0-11.3)

Linux (NUKE 11.0-11.3)

Windows (NUKE 11.0)

Windows (NUKE 11.1)

Windows (NUKE 11.2)

Windows (NUKE 11.3)



Floating Licence Server

If you are using Baselight Editions with a floating licence server, you must also have one of the following:
– Mac server running macOS 10.9 or later
– Linux server running RHEL/CentOS 5 or later

The server installation packages can be downloaded below.


Activation_and_Known_Issues.txt (Mac)



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