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Colour Online Webinar Series

Colour Online is a series of live webinars, designed to support and share information about our systems and applications with you. You can watch the latest video in this series below. Use the links to access all of the videos in this series, or to find out about and register for upcoming webinars.

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The professional solution –
with innovative v5 colour tools across the range


Fast, creative non-linear grading system in the finishing suite.

Baselight for Avid

Premier colour correction directly within Avid.

Baselight for NUKE

Premier colour correction directly within NUKE.

BLG for Flame

Streamlining the Baselight to Flame workflow for in-context, high quality, complex colour correction.


Professional deliverables that take the colour pipeline from shoot through post.

Grading Panels

High-precision instruments for artists.

What Baselight colourists say

“I’ve been working on Baselight for nearly ten years now and it is definitely my favourite grading tool.”

Aljoscha Hoffmann, CinePostproduction »

“When you are in such a competitive business, you need reliability, stability and creativity. Baselight provides all three.”

Ragib Metin Okutay, Nube Studio »

“Base Grade has really revolutionised the way colourists grade as it works the same way in every working colour space.”

Yvan Lucas, Los Angeles »

“With Baselight's reliability and range of tools, I’m always confident I can find a solution for every situation.”

Marc Lussier, Mels Studio, Montreal »

“My eye for photography translates into my grading work from a creative point of view as well as a technical one.”

Nick Dalby, UNIT Studios, London »

“It's the speed of the tools in Baselight that truly broadens the possibilities in colour grading.”

Naotaka Takahashi, L’espace Vision »

Our client stories

Our clients range from major film studios and national broadcast television providers, to production and post-production companies both large and small.

Super Pumped tells the story of the roller-coaster ride of the upstart transportation company, Uber, embodying the highs and lows of Silicon Valley.

Case Study »
Creative Director Mark Gethin takes us cross-country for ‘C’mon C’mon’

He tells us more about the process of grading this beautiful film.

Case Study »
Grading the vivid dystopia of ‘Squid Game’

Grading Netflix’s biggest original series launch in history.

Case Study »
Manipulating light and shade for ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’

The first solo directorial project for Joel Coen, with photography by five-time Oscar nominee Bruno Delbonnel.

Case Study »
Love, Death + Robots (Volume 2)

Love, Death + Robots is a five-time Emmy-winning animation anthology series produced by Blur Studio.

Case Study »

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