Professional colourists choose Baselight

Best toolset

Ultimate control surfaces

Support that delivers

Unrivalled colour science

End-to-end workflow

Professional integration

Communicate colour

The process is fast, efficient and render-free with the Baselight Linked Grade (BLG).
And now, with the ability to use Baselight Editions in Free Reader mode, you can pass grades to colleagues or other facilities where they can be accurately read and rendered – without purchasing a licence.

The professional solution


Fast, creative non-linear grading system in the finishing suite.

Baselight for Avid

Premier colour correction directly within Avid.

Baselight for NUKE

Premier colour correction directly within NUKE.


Professional deliverables that take the colour pipeline from shoot through post.


Interactive look research and colour correction right from the start.

Grading Panels

High-precision instruments for artists.

What Baselight colourists say

“My reference point is always the director’s universe. In this case, I love the vision of Edouard Deluc.”

Pierre Cottereau & Sébastien Mingam »

“The flexibility that Baselight gives me is great as there is always something else to try to make a project look better.”

Windmill Lane, Dublin »

“I remember seeing an early Baselight system on trial. I was smitten. The control surface had me hooked, still does!”

Enge Gray, Platform Post »

“This job is ever-changing, be it thanks to evolving technology, new clients or challenging projects.”

Luke Morrison, The Mill, Chicago »

“You can push so much with Baselight without breaking the image. It’s very subtle and intuitive. And tracking is superb.”

Yoomin Lee, Jogger Studios »

“My Baselight TWO performed fantastically - to the point where we sometimes forgot we were working in 4K at HDR.”

Dan Coles, Technicolor London »

Our client stories

Our clients range from major film studios and national broadcast television providers, to production and post-production companies both large and small.

A collaborative colour journey.

DIT Simone d’Arcangelo and colourist Anthony Raffaele on Wonder Wheel

Case Study »
Creating a unique HDR look for Mindhunter.

A Q&A with producer Peter Mavromates and colourist Eric Weidt

Case Study » Netflix logo
Delivering fast and efficient dailies with Daylight, from Thom Berryman, head of Pinewood Digital International.

Case Study »
Dialing it up to 11 – grading LEGO Batman.

Case Study » Animal Logic logo
Grading and mastering Billy Lynn – the ultimate challenge.

Case Study »

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