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A Look at Coronation Street

Baselight delivers to the longest running continuing drama in the world

TVB Awards

TVB Awards 2015, Achievement in post production
Winner: FilmLight for Coronation Street

‘Coronation Street’ first hit the UK television screens in 1960. Screened five nights a week, over 260 episodes are produced over 50 weeks of the year, and distributed to dozens of countries in multiple languages and formats – the UK audience alone is over 8 million for every episode.

Working on a programme with such a demanding production schedule means ITV Studios is always keen to find ways to improve efficiency while maintaining production values. That's why the UK’s biggest production company chose a unique renderless, collaborative workflow - with Baselight ONESlate and Baselight for Avid - to create, adjust and share sophisticated colour grades between colourist and editorial.

In the video above, ITV Studios’ post production manager David Williams, lead colourist Stephen Edwards and editor Phill Lees, tell us more about their real-time collaboration and how the exchange of full grading metadata - produced by Baselight – has enhanced speed, creativity and productivity.

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Coronation Street Case Study



Coronation Street Case Study (PDF)


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