2018 Worldwide Colour Space Journey Masterclasses

A complete perspective on next-generation colour from set to screen, with HDR in mind

During our worldwide series of Masterclasses, you will learn how to approach producing and finishing movies and TV projects in a device-independent way – using examples from recently released projects from clients all over the world.

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Dates, times and venues are listed below.

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Can't make it to one of the events in our 2018 Worldwide Colour Tour? FilmLight's Martin Tlaskal demonstrates the new features in Baselight 5.1, as well as some of the features users can look forward to in Baselight 5.2 and beyond.


Topic highlights

  • Learn about modern scene-referred colour pipelines for projects with multiple cameras and deliverables.
  • Master camera matching.
  • Explore colour appearance and preferred colour reproduction.
  • Examine the attributes of HDR displays and HDR distribution systems.
  • Benefit from the experiences of real-world, multi-deliverable colour grading projects.
  • Discover next-generation tools for colour grading and spatial shaping.

Our FilmLight experts will also unveil new features from Baselight v5.

The event is free for all registered attendees, but space is limited, so please register early.

Designed for on-set and lab operators, DITs, Colourists, DOPs and everyone interested in colour.

FilmLight colour experts

Daniele Siragusano Andy Minuth Peter Postma
Image Engineer Colour Workflow Specialist Managing Director of FilmLight Americas
Before FilmLight, Daniele previously spent almost five years at CinePostproduction in Munich, rising to head of technology before moving to dve Digital Video & Effects GmbH as a workflow consultant. Daniele utilises his experience and workflow expertise at FilmLight, helping existing and potential customers achieve the best productivity and creativity in their own unique setups. Andy is a Colour Workflow Specialist at FilmLight. He joined from the position of Lead Colourist at 1000Volt Post Production in Istanbul, and brings a deep technical knowledge of image processing and colour management as well as a long and successful track record in colour grading. Peter is Managing Director of the Americas at FilmLight, developing tools incorporated into the Truelight and Baselight systems. Previously Peter worked as a systems engineer at Eastman Kodak helping pioneer digital intermediate technology. Peter has taught seminars on colour management for production and post-production around the world and holds a BFA in Film and Animation from Rochester Institute of Technology.
15 May


16 May


6 June


7 June


4 July


12 July

Toronto, Canada

20 July


1 August

Miami, Florida

16 September

IBC, Amsterdam

27 September

San Sebastián Film Festival

18 October

New York

24 October


24 October










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