Physical specifications

FLUX Store is composed of a single main chassis plus up to two extension chassis according to the total number of drives:

  • 24 drives - main chassis only (no extension chassis)
  • 72/144 drives - main chassis plus one/two extension(s)

Main chassis

5U 19” rack-mount

Dimensions (WxHxD)

482x220x721mm (19x8.7x28.4”)

Total weight

50kg (110 pounds)

Power supply

100-240V, 14A (Max @ 110V)

Heat output

2kW (6824 BTU/h)

Extension Chassis

4U 19” rack-mount

Dimensions (WxHxD)

447x175x712mm (17.6x6.9x28.0”)

Total weight

79.4kg (175 pounds)

Power supply

Dual 200-240V, 5A (Max 1.25kW)
Note that the extension chassis cannot be powered from a 110-127V supply

Heat output

1.4kW (4400 BTU/h)

Technical specifications

FLUX Store comes as standard with:

  • 24x12TB, 72x12TB or 144x12TB drives in RAID 60
  • Dual 10GbE (SFP+) or Single/Dual 25/40 QSFP or 40/50/100 QSFP28 Ethernet (PCIe card)
  • Dual 1/10GbE (RJ45) Ethernet (built-in)
  • GPU for:
    • Baselight rendering
    • FLUX Manage processing


The FLUX Store main chassis has available PCIe slots, which can be fitted with:

  • Additional render GPUs where applicable, up to the following limits (one fitted as standard):
    • 24 or 72 drive FLUX Store - Maximum 3 GPUs
    • 144 drive FLUX Store - Maximum 2 GPUs
  • QLogic/ATTO Fibre Channel card to bridge to SAN



All figures for sequential file access on a 1.5PB FLUX Store:




Local filesystem

6100 MB/s

10100 MB/s

Local filesystem
rebuilding RAID drive

2700 MB/s

4000 MB/s

Baselight cloud*

3300 MB/s

2000 MB/s

* Baselight v5.2 utilising 100GbE interfaces

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