Truelight 4.0

Truelight 4.0.7863
Release Notes All 2015-12-03 132 kB
Truelight 64-bit Linux 64-bit 2015-12-03 120.3 MB
Mac OS X Mac OS X 2015-12-03 100.3 MB

USB driver

If you are using a Truelight probe on a Mac OS X system and need to install the USB driver for the serial-to-USB converter, this driver can be found on the Truelight CD that accompanied your probe. If you cannot locate the CD or the driver, you can download it from the FTDI web site.

Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance, please read the product documentation first. If your question is not answered in the documentation, or you require further assistance with documents and downloads, please email your query to Truelight Support.

We aim to respond to technical queries within 48 hours. For urgent technical assistance, get in touch with your local contact.

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