Effective Colour Management from Production to Distribution

Truelight Colour Spaces allow colour space conversions to be performed with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range permitted by native floating-point GPU functionality. They can be defined externally of Baselight formats, and have a powerful function set that allows complex transforms formerly only possible with 3D LUT mechanisms.

Truelight Colour Spaces:
Improvements in Baselight 5.0


For more info on Truelight Colour Spaces, see these recent videos from the International Cinematography Days 2018 in Stuttgart:


This video explains the improvements to colour management in the Baselight v5 release. The video looks at the architectural changes to colour management, including:

  • Mastering Colour Space
  • DRT families and viewing conditions
  • New default colour space (FilmLight: T-Log / E-Gamut)
  • New DRT family (Truelight CAM)
  • Truelight Scene Looks

From Photons captured by a Camera to Photons emitted by a Display


In this seminar, FilmLight's Daniele Siragusano provided a full and complete picture of how data acquired by a camera is recorded, manipulated, finally interpreted and prepared to be viewed by the audience. Several fundamental concepts were explained:

  • Camera profiling: the principles of camera encoding and operations.
  • A novel way to think about exposing a camera.
  • Different colour grading styles and their heritage.
  • Colour appearance modeling and preferred colour reproduction.
  • Base Grade: a photographic approach to colour grading.

Managing Colour in a Multi-Delivery Production


In this seminar, Daniele discussed future-proof colour management strategies optimised for multi-delivery (SDR and HDR). First, fundamental differences in display characteristics between HDR and SDR Displays were reviewed from a technical and creative standpoint. Based on those findings, the major HDR distribution standards were examined from a conceptual standpoint. Finally, a distribution agnostic post-production colour workflow, and an outlook on future work, were presented.

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