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Creativity and quality teamed with practicality and efficiency

No matter what type of production you're working on, workflow is critical. Our technology helps broadcasters, movie producers and creative studios shorten timescales without compromising creativity and quality.

FilmLight manages colour from set to deliverables. Our products export metadata seamlessly from on-set (FLIP, Daylight), offline, online and VFX (Baselight Editions: Avid, FCP and NUKE) through to final grade. The exchange of data between our systems is fast and efficient and doesn’t require any third-party hardware to transcode or transport files.

A key part of our solution is the BLG (Baselight Linked Grade).

What is the BLG?

It’s a multi-track OpenEXR file format that you can use to create, transfer and review looks.

When we use the term ‘look’, we’re not just talking about a LUT or a restricted grade—the look within the BLG is the full creative intent. It includes all grade information including Truelight cubes, conform metadata and keyframes.

It interoperates fully with Baselight, FLIP, Daylight and even Baselight Editions, but you can use it as a review format without any FilmLight hardware or software.

BLG in Mac Finder

When you view a BLG file, it shows the graded image wiped with the original image, along with the BLG logo for easy identification.

Watch the videos below - first shown on the floor at IBC2014 - for an insight into the products in our colour pipeline.

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