Use the Baselight Grade (BLG) file to create, transfer and review looks between all FilmLight systems, including FLIP and Daylight

Handle digital camera content natively with full metadata control, including RED, ALEXA, and Sony F5, F55 and F65

Define transforms for format conversion or use the standard transforms provided (e.g. Super35 to CinemaScope)

Grade and restore film simultaneously with PFClean

Work with an extensive range of image and movie formats in many different codecs

Create scenes with the correct formats and colour spaces quickly and easily using scene templates

Mix formats freely within a scene or project

Produce multiple format deliverables from a single timeline in a single pass

Use setups to save options in named configurations, including IO operations and display settings

Perform complex colour space transforms with externally defined Truelight Colour Spaces

Export Autodesk DLEDL files for Autodesk Flame/Smoke

Set up format-dependent masks and safe areas

Preview and render a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) directly from the Baselight application itself

Add subtitles in the Digital Cinema Interop (CineCanvas™) version 1.1 format

Integrate with Avid systems via AAF import & export, MXF reading, writing & reconform of multi-track timelines, and ALE export

Integrate with Final Cut Pro via XML import & export, reading of multi-track sequences, with QuickTime media support for Apple ProRes codecs

Control all telecine features, including noise reduction, on DFT Digital Film Technology Spirit DataCine, Spirit HD, Spirit 2K, Spirit 4K and Shadow Telecine systems

Reframe/reformat with 'cascadeable', dynamic pan and scan

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