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If you would like a free 14-day trial of Daylight on macOS, do not download the product from this page. Instead, click the button below. This ensures that you will automatically receive a serial number for the product.

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Daylight 5.2.13975
Release Notes All 2020-11-24 409 kB
Daylight (macOS) macOS 2020-11-24 410.6 MB
Daylight (Linux) Linux 2020-11-24 468.2 MB
Daylight 5.1.11327
Release Notes All 2019-01-23 253 kB
Daylight (macOS) macOS 2019-01-23 316.8 MB
Daylight (Linux) Linux 2019-01-23 461.0 MB

Upgrading scenes to Daylight 5

Currently, to upgrade scenes created in macOS Daylight 4.4m1 (and earlier) builds to 5.1, you must install a special 4.4m1 conversion build of Baselight. Daylight licences include a Baselight 4.4 scene licence specifically to allow the Baselight conversion build to be used to upgrade Daylight scenes.

If you are using the Linux version of Daylight, contact Daylight Support for assistance.

The Baselight conversion build is not required by Daylight 5.2

Please be aware that scenes created in Daylight 5 (or upgraded by Daylight 5) cannot be loaded into Daylight 4.4m1.

Baselight 4.4m1 Conversion Build (4.4m1.10068)
Baselight CONFORM macOS 10.9-10.12 2018-01-02 257.1 MB

Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance, please read the product documentation first. If your question is not answered in the documentation, or you require further assistance with documents and downloads, please email your query to Daylight Support.

We aim to respond to technical queries within 48 hours. For urgent technical assistance, get in touch with your local contact.

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