Insert unlimited primary and secondary grades

Choose from a wide range of grading plugins, including:

  • Film-style grade, calibrated in printer points

  • Video grade with RGB interpolation for keyframing

  • Curve grade with keyframeable spline-based editing of image parameters in RGB and HSL

Display independent matte viewing modes for up to nine cursors at once

Grade multiple shots simultaneously with grouped grading

Select from many filters and effects, including:

  • Blend modes such as darken, screen and overlay, with the option to blend layers by any amount you choose

  • DSpot for fast, accurate dust and defect removal

  • Looks generated with Truelight to measure real-world processes

  • Glow for popular post-production lighting effects

  • Diffuse filter to soften skin tones

  • Third-party filters via OFX support

Insert secondary grades through combined chroma/luma keys, multiple soft-edged shapes and imported mattes

Use advanced free-form matte shape features, including variable feathering, and quickshapes for easy shape insertion

Manipulate mattes in one easy operation with the Matte Tools

Full keyframe animation of all Baselight parameters

Automatic tracking via one-point, two-point or area-based trackers

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