View user interface across multiple monitors so you always have access to the tools you need

Use the Retime operator to ramp speed up and down, in either time versus time or velocity versus time mode, with complete control over speed ramps and keyframes

Edit timeline with extensive functionality including group, copy, move, trim and delete

Sort timeline with a flexible set of options

Access all operations in persistent, unlimited undo/redo system

Define strip categories to make it easy to view, bypass or render strips of a certain type

Play back even the most complex grades in real-time with flexible automatic caching

Access thumbnails of shot output and mattes in the layer view

Drag and drop grades from the Gallery, and add notes to assist Gallery organisation

Store and retrieve grade settings using Scratchpad

Smart-paste elements selectively from a source stack into the current timeline

View multiple cursors simultaneously with multiple-view modes

Add colour-coded timeline marks with notes to help navigation and communication

Store graded stacks in the Gallery for each user and/or job

Preview timeline in the Cutview for rapid navigation and copy/paste

Define custom workspaces for different tasks

Display a CMX3600 EDL-style view of timeline in the Shots View

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