Browse source media easily in the Sequence Browser, from where you can view sequence details and play back sequences

Access local storage of other Baselight systems, or FLUX Store, in a networked cloud across 10GigE

Detect cuts in long-form content

Filter media based on template, file type and/or metadata

Consolidate all the material used in a list of scenes to one location—with optional handles

Conform CMX3600, AAF or FilmLight EDLs, Autodesk DLEDLs, or Final Cut Pro XML

Reconform from revised EDL maintaining grade events and keyframes

Gather all parameters in the input layer so they are fully visible and can be copied and keyframed easily

Conform via the UI or from the command-line using XML for even greater flexibility

Conform and prepare media on remote systems with optimised streaming access to high-resolution images

Manage image data across the network via powerful FLUX browser

Mount Baselight storage via NFS so third-party applications can dust-bust, repair and composite material directly

Organise complex projects in the Job Manager: create a folder hierarchy for each job, filter items, and rename/delete scenes

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