Getting started with Baselight. Toronto. 25 July.

Join FilmLight and Artjail for an introduction to Baselight, FilmLight’s colour grading, VFX and finishing solution.

This one-day free course covers the core fundamentals of colour grading, colour space and media management in Baselight v5. The course combines demonstrations of techniques and features as well as hands-on exercises.

It is strongly recommended to bring a laptop compatible with Baselight STUDENT, FilmLight’s software-only macOS application developed for training purposes. Baselight STUDENT will be used during the day for practice sessions.

Registrants will be sent a software licence and media package before the course.

Thurs, July 25, 2019
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

213 Sterling Road Suite 103
Toronto, ON

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  • Project creation in Baselight
  • Introduction to the Baselight user interface and editable workspaces
  • Navigation, pre-visualisation and media import
  • Introduction to colour space management
  • Comparison between Base Grade, Film Grade and Video Grade
  • Using Baselight’s grading tools
    . Hue Shift
    . Colour Temperature
    . Boost Color
    . Boost Contrast
    . Boost Shadows


  • Compare shots, apply grades to other shots, and save grade references
    . DBS
    . Galleries
    . Cursors
    . Layer View


  • Exports
  • Matte tools
    . Creating shapes and tracking tools
    . DKey
    . HueAngle
    . Combining shapes and keys
    . Re-using tracking information on other shapes


  • Finishing and fixing tools
    . Texture Equaliser
    . Texture Highlight
    . Denoise
    . Deflicker
    . Paint Tool
    . Gridwarp
  • Sneak-peak of Baselight’s upcoming features

Artjail Senior Colourist Clinton Homuth will then discuss his individual journey in colour, using the latest version of the Baselight grading system. 

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