▶️ Colour Online: Springing forward with Baselight 5.3. Thursday, April 22

Springing forward with Baselight 5.3 – well, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.

FilmLight’s Patrick Morgan, Product Specialist, and Daniele Siragusano, Image Engineer, join forces to show you the new and enhanced features for Baselight 5.3 that our R&D team has been working on behind the scenes. 

  • Scopes have had a range of improvements, including showing results from the actual image on the display even in wipe or multi-image mode, panning/zooming Chromaticity scopes, improvements to appearance, and more.
  • Creating supplemental IMF packages is now supported so you can add, change or remove single shots or even frames in an IMF delivery without recreating the entire IMF package.
  • Client View, which provides remote access to the currently open scene via a web browser, has been optimised to improve the interaction between colourists and their clients during grading sessions. New features include: high-res mode; improved colour accuracy across browsers; new preferences and options; with more to come soon.
  • Other updates, including: improved scene detection; exporting mark and shot data to a CSV file, including mark locations and client notes; preferred layer grading; and the upcoming release of FLOS 8.
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