Graded on Baselight: La Tienne – Yours

Colourist: Sebastien Mingam
Facility: Mikros Image
Release date: September 2019 

We are in the French trenches, early morning of March, 27, 1916. The story follows a girl, Salome, who goes to war, out of honor and loyalty, disguised as a man. Death is more and more present around her and courage loses the battle with the will to live. Her initial feelings changed once the nature of war reveals itself. The idea of abandoning a futile war and with it her fellow soldiers takes root in her head. Her obsessive thinking about leaving conquers her oneiric dimension. Her dreams become her reality. She goes through the horrors of war and in the glimpse of an eye she finds herself back in the same trench facing the same decisions.

Watch the video now:

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