FilmLight Launches New Products to Provide Professional Colour Control at Every Stage


– New control surface, grading platforms and peripherals deliver fast, flexible creativity and efficiency –

FilmLight is further enhancing its integrated colour pipeline with new products to be introduced at NAB 2013 (booth SL 3928, LVCC, 8–11 April). The range ensures that colour workflows can start on-set and run right through to final post and delivery, staying true to the vision at every stage. It delivers unrivalled productivity and creative control, giving facilities a real edge in delivering uncompromised results.

“We work hard to ensure that our product line pulls together, making it the best solution in terms of the creative toolset, integration and reliability,” said Wolfgang Lempp, co-founder of FilmLight. “Our tools are used by the top creative people, who deliver the best work, day after day, repaying the investment time and again.”

Leading the products launched at NAB 2013 is a new Baselight ONE grading system. This is a diskless, 4U tower system with the full Baselight creative toolset, and a 2TB solid-state internal cache that guarantees impressive processing performance.

Slate is our new compact grading control panel designed with both Baselight and Baselight Editions in mind. It draws on the success of the revolutionary Blackboard 2 panel, and retains all the quality, precision and ergonomic convenience but in a smaller form factor and at a lower price point.



FLUX Store is a breakthrough approach to storing and managing the huge amounts of content generated by today’s digital workflows. Capable of streaming 2K and 4K content into Baselight systems over dual-link 10 gigabit ethernet, it includes user-expandable storage up to 80TB with integral data management. Teamed with the new Baselight ONE, it makes a perfect streaming media hub to which you can add a second station when you need to.

Baselight Editions put the creative power of the Baselight grading toolset, as well as support for the new Slate control panel, inside Avid, Final Cut Pro 7 and NUKE systems. NAB 2013 will see the preview of the eagerly awaited Baselight for Avid Windows. Baselight Editions use the same OpenEXR-based BLG (Baselight Grade) files as all systems in the FilmLight range, so grading decisions can be passed between on-set, near-set and the grading suite simply and transparently.

The FLIP on-set colour visualisation system has been refined: it’s now a smaller, sleeker device, which can be battery powered for location shoots. FLIP takes away the guesswork of digital cinematography, applying colour correction on-set so you know exactly what you have shot. And that colour correction is a BLG file so the director’s first thoughts become the foundation for the final grade.

Baselight is regarded as the ultimate colour grading system, and Baselight 4.4 adds new creative and practical facilities. These range from Photoshop-style layer blending to brand new functionality for managing render queues and multiple deliverables. It also includes a new stereoscopic 3D toolset.

All these new products and more can be seen on the FilmLight booth at NAB 2013, SL3928. In addition, Baselight Editions can be seen in action on the Avid booth (SU902), Baselight TWO is being demonstrated at Sony (C11001), and FLIP is being shown in association with Arri production workflows at C4337.


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