FilmLight releases Baselight 5.3 Editions for Avid and NUKE

Baselight 5.3 enhancements boost colour correction within your editing or VFX workflow

FilmLight today announced the release of Baselight 5.3 Editions for Avid and NUKE. Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as the full Baselight system, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package that can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. 

Along with introducing the core new features from Baselight 5.3 to the Editions product range, this release sees several key enhancements designed to make significant improvements to your workflow, whether you are round-tripping with a master Baselight grading suite, or grading solely within Baselight Editions.

Baselight 5.3 for Avid strengthens the BLG Link (formally BLG Lens). Already able to load grades from a directory of BLG files, the enhanced BLG Link can now also link directly to a Baselight scene. The link is ‘live’ so if that scene is changed on a full Baselight system whilst BLG Link is active, the grades will be immediately updated within Baselight for Avid.

BLG Link

BLG Link also gives you the option to ‘bake’ the grade into the current sequence, so that you can adjust it directly within Baselight for Avid without needing to maintain the BLG Link.

The new Multi-Apply feature allows you to handle multiple versions of a timeline much more easily. Based on the powerful Multi-Paste functionality in the full Baselight application, Multi-Apply allows you to copy shots in the current sequence, and then apply grades from those shots to another sequence quickly and easily. Shots are matched via clip name and timecode for precise grade application.

Editions for Avid and NUKE have both also been boosted by the wide array of features introduced to the full Baselight application earlier this year with the release of Baselight 5.3. These include: Lens Distortion, which allows you to correct – or apply – lens distortion based on analysis of the image or by using presets for common industry lenses; the expanded Baselight Look Library; simplified and improved trackers; the LUT operator, which allows you to set input and output colour spaces for each LUT; T-CAM v2, which improves appearance matching between viewing conditions, provides better shadow definition and improved skin tones, and minimises noise in underexposed images; and much more.

The latest release is available to download now on the FilmLight web site for existing clients. Anyone interested can access a free 30-day trial version from the FilmLight web store:

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