Ollin Studio, Mexico’s Largest Post House, Adds Second Baselight

Mexico’s Largest Post House Upgrades Existing Baselight and Northlight Systems to Support Growing Slate of Features, Commercials and Music Videos

Ollin Studio, the largest provider of post production services for feature films and advertising media in Mexico, has boosted its ability to perform non-linear colour grading for commercials and other short form projects with the purchase of a Baselight ONE colour grading system from FilmLight. The company has also enhanced its digital intermediate pipeline for feature film mastering and restoration through upgrades to its current FilmLight Northlight film scanner and Baselight FOUR colour grading system.

“Ollin Studio sets the standard for high quality post production for the Mexican and South American markets,” said Craig Risebury, President of FilmLight, Inc., FilmLight’s North American subsidiary. “These new additions will help them keep pace with the growth of the advertising and feature film markets and better service the increasing number of projects that involve digitally-acquired media.”

Ollin Studio’s new Baselight ONE, which will be used for HD and 2K colour grading, is linked to an existing network attached storage system, allowing colourists to share direct access to data files with the facility’s visual effects artists and editors. It also includes FilmLight’s GPU option for enhanced performance.

“This workflow allows our artists to work in an extremely collaborative way, while realizing significant cost savings,” observes Ollin Studio Technical Director Miguel Villasana. “It doesn’t matter where you are in our studio, you always have instant access to data. Soon, every workstation in our facility will have controlled access to the Baselight ‘cloud.'”

New upgrades to Ollin Studio’s Northlight scanner and Baselight FOUR will also result in faster processing of data files. Baselight FOUR upgrades include 10Gige connectivity. The company acquired Northlight and Baselight (along with FilmLight’s Truelight colour management technology) in 2004 and, since then, has used them to perform colour grading and/or restoration work for more than a dozen feature films as well as grading for ad campaigns for such for such brands as Ford, Toyota, Sony, Corona and Apple’s iPhone.

“Northlight is a workhorse whose cost benefits are off the charts,” says Villasana. “The quality of the scans is superior to anything else in our market. Baselight has provided us with quality grading tools and a fast learning curve that has enabled our artists to quickly make the transition from linear to non-linear grading.”

Overall, Ollin Studio has been extremely satisfied with Baselight and Northlight, and with the support it has received from FilmLight. “Baselight and Northlight have in a word, been flawless, really outstanding,” Villasana concludes. “FilmLight’s support personnel truly understand our needs and the needs of the industry. All of our plans for the future, and the new pipelines we plan to build for our customers are based on FilmLight products. They provide the tools and the easy integration we need to achieve our goals.”

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