FilmLight and Kodak Align Efforts In Digital Colour Management

FilmLight and Kodak are pleased to announce a collaborative agreement in the area of colour management for the feature film industry. When the production industry views digital images intended for release on film, both companies have extensive and complementary solutions, known as Truelight and KODAK Display Manager, respectively, that offer best-in-class colour calibration technology.

The post-production phase of a film project uses digital images in a variety of environments and viewing conditions – from the location shoot to the edit system and finally in a colour grading suite. This workflow involves assessing sequences on CRT monitors, flat screen displays and digital projectors. Hence the need for colour management technology to ensure that the users of these systems are seeing consistent and accurate colours, and the look that will finally appear on film.

“Film continues to be the preferred medium for both high-end production and artful independent features,” says Robert Mayson, general manager and vice president of image capture for Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division. “Combining Kodak’s inherent film colour knowledge with the facility and equipment knowledge of FilmLight will improve the efficiency and creative potential of the downstream processes.”

Wolfgang Lempp, director at FilmLight says, “Kodak and FilmLight have been addressing different areas of the film production process. By working together where our respective systems overlap we hope to expand the range of solutions that apply to the production pipeline, from camera to release print.”

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About KODAK Display Manager

The KODAK Display Manager System is comprised of proprietary Kodak software utilizing custom 3-D look-up tables (LUTs) allowing CRT, standard- and high-definition monitors, and digital projectors to emulate the look of print film. The system also consists of an easy to use monitor calibration sensor. The system incorporates KODAK Color Science technology, which emulates the characteristics of each Kodak film and applies it to the display device. The result is accurate representation of what the Kodak negative stock will look like on Kodak print film. For more information on Kodak’s film, digital and hybrid motion imaging products, services and technology, visit

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