FilmLight Colour Awards Jury Announcement: Peter Doyle

Supervising Colourist, Postworks NYC

Peter Doyle has worked with directors and DoPs who have consistently pushed the boundaries of visual media, and as such has formed long-term collaborations with DoPs such as Bruno Delbonnel, Seamus McGarvey and Philippe Rousselot, and directors such as Tim Burton, Joe Wright, Guy Ritchie and Peter Jackson. From using custom software to colour grade The Matrix in the ’90s, to commissioning the first of the DI grading packages for The Lord of the Rings in the early 2000s, Peter now works with PostWorks NYC, contributing to the design of a new unified colour ecosystem from rushes through to final deliverables.

“Colour grading has evolved from shining coloured light through film negative to expose a film print, through the industrial process of repurposed video hardware processing, to now, in which the use of specialised software embraces both colour science and a colourist’s individuality.

I believe colour grading has matured from craft to art form. As with any art form it has been exhilarating to see colour linguistics develop then be reinvented, boundaries be defined then broken.

With an audience possessing the tools to colour grade their own images, we have entered an era of audience sophistication, where the colour grade of our dreams and stories has become intrinsic.”

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