FilmLight Colour Awards Jury Announcement: Simon Astbury

Managing Director of  Juice Shanghai, Simon Astbury, has witnessed first-hand the monumental changes that have taken place in colour grading over the last 25 years. Starting as a rushes colourist for classic films such as Notting Hill and Shakespeare in Love, he has worked with many industry legends such as Jack Cardiff and Baz Luhrmann.

Nowadays, he focuses on running the most recent opening for Juice in Shanghai. But as an artist by calling, he continues his passion for colour grading.

“Colourists have long toiled in the gloom, bringing their unique brand of magic to film and TV in relative anonymity. With incredible technological advances over the last 20 years, colour grading has rightly become recognised as a crucial element in the creative realisation of moving images. I’m hugely looking forward to being a member of the jury, bringing colourists – and their amazing work – blinking into the daylight.”


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