Filmworkers Upgrades Colour Grading Resources with FilmLight’s Baselight

Top-end Baselight systems with stereo-3D and Avid integration to be installed in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville facilities

Filmworkers, one of the United States’ leading providers of colour grading and other final post production services, has made a multi-million dollar investment in upgrading its colour grading suites. The company has purchased four top-of-the-line FilmLight Baselight colour grading systems for installation at its facilities in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville.

Two Baselight EIGHT systems will be installed in Filmworkers’ flagship facility in Chicago. Two more Baselight systems will be installed at the Dallas and Nashville facilities. Each new system will be complemented by a Baselight Assist workstation, stereoscopic 3D capabilities, and FilmLight’s Kompressor technology for real-time handling of RAW digital media files and integration with visual effects, editorial and compositing systems.

The new Baselight systems will enable Filmworkers to establish complete, non-linear post production workflows at its facilities, with colourists, visual effects artists, editors and others having shared access to data. That will result in better collaboration and a significant boost in efficiency. Additionally, Baselight is an ideal complement to Digigog, Filmworkers’ proprietary digital laboratory, and Astro Lab, its film laboratory, resulting in a complete, one-stop solution for dailies processing for both digital and film media.

“Filmworkers and Digigog will now offer a solution for processing, colour correcting and finishing media from any digital or film source that is light years beyond anything else available in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville,” said Filmworkers president Reid Brody. “These new systems give us the ability to work natively with digital files, regardless of format, and carry out post work at the highest level of efficiency and quality. That is what we must do to meet the needs of production companies, editing companies, advertising agencies and movie studios today.”


“Filmworkers has always been known for talented colorists, having Baselight installed company-wide gives their colorists much more creative control in the suite and throughout their facilities to deliver even more options for their clients,” added FilmLight regional sales manager Charles Kuralt. “We’re excited to partner with a company that continues to innovate and sets the standard for excellence in its market.”

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About Filmworkers

Founded in 1991 as a telecine and video dailies service, Filmworkers has grown into the Midwest’s premier post production facility featuring a wide variety of services and category leading artists for color correction, finishing and visual effects, with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville. The Filmworkers family has grown to include LIFT Motion Design, Vitamin (live action, design), Astrolab, FW Interactive and the Digigog (a cutting edge digital work flow and dailies process). Filmworkers has set a high standard for itself in providing the absolutely highest quality customer service reputation in the industry. Filmworkers is headquartered at 232 E. Ohio St. Penthouse, Chicago, IL 60611.

For more information, call (312) 664-9333 or visit (

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