Post Logic Studios Partner With FilmLight For New 4K DI-Centric Workflow

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UPP, one of the Europe’s largest VFX and Post Production facilities, is delighted to announce a major investment in digital intermediate (DI) technology from UK manufacturer FilmLight. UPP will take delivery of FilmLight’s complete digital intermediate product range, enabling the facility to offer 4K and 2K real-time grading.

The installation of the Northlight 16/35mm film scanner, Baselight One and Baselight Four grading systems, both equipped with Blackboard control surfaces, and a Truelight film print emulation system, will take place in May 2006.

Having reviewed all the leading products available in the DI market, UPP chose FilmLight’s advanced workflow to offer its clients the highest performance systems available. The new installation will double UPP’s total DI capacity, consolidating its position as the largest and most versatile VFX and post production facility in mainland Europe.

Vit Komrzy, Managing Director comments: “Since its establishment in 1994, UPP has prided itself on maintaining the highest possible standards in VFX and Post Production. This core philosophy and commitment to customer satisfaction in all areas of UPP’s business have been key factors in UPP’s exceptional success to date. In monitoring industry trends, UPP sees 4K technology as the way forward and as a natural development for existing clients already using 2K systems.”

In conjunction with the investment in new DI equipment, UPP will offer its clients a choice of highly specified digital cinemas, combining digital projection using Barco DP100 and Sony SXRD projectors, with traditional 35mm film projection.

These cinemas are equipped to DCI standards and will use FilmLight’s Truelight film print emulation to provide a fully calibrated film preview environment.

UPP can now offer film makers all of the components they require for post production; Avid group editing, Spirit datacine transfers, calibrated dailies viewing, Visual effects, the latest DI grading technology and ARRI laser recording all operated by a highly skilled team of English speaking specialists.

Contact – Deepa Parbhoo ([email protected]) +44 20 7292 0400

About Universal Production Partners (UPP)

UPP offers its clients the use of Telecines and Dailies projection services and the ability to share media across suites with Avid Unity. Added to the UPP Digital Intermediate Workflow from the Northlight scanner to ARRI laser recorder UPP has fully integrated the latest version of grading suites, the high performance Digital Intermediate systems for 2k and 4k system grading. In addition to digital colour correction, UPP can provide digital quality for all of clients film requirements. UPP´s digital cinemas fully meet all the highest worldwide standards including DCI specification and enable projection with Barco DP 100, SONY SXRD and 35 mm projection, fully calibrated for previewing films output. At UPP clients work with a uniquely versatile team of Visual Effects supervisors and Emmy award-winning artists and its facilities offer 2D compositing at 2k, HD and SD resolutions, 3D services, digital painting and other services. For more information visit

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